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Theallseeingeyeofbill Sings dipper’s parts and Bosswaddles sings Mabel’s parts

You can find Boss waddles and Myself (Theallseeingeyeofbill) on tumblr


Dip: Do you want to solve a mystery?
Mabel: Or bedazzel dippers face!
Dip: What?!?
Mabel: Theres no one at the register
Dip: Just come out the door
Mabel: There no need to be afraid
Dip: We could go and play a board game
Mabel: or maybe not
Dip: And Soos got lost in the woods!
Dip Do you wanna solve a mystery?
Mabel: Doesn’t have to be a mystery
Grunkle stan: Go away kids
Twins: Ok bye

Dip:Do you want to solve a mystery?
Mabel: Or take waddles for a walk
Dip: I think some taxes are overdue
Mabel: We’ve started talking to the moose head on the wall (hang in there buddy)
Dip: The shack is really dusty
Mabel: But we’ll help clean it up
Dip: We’re watching the hours tick by-
Mabel: Tic-tock Tic-tock Tic-tock Tic-tock
Dip: (Whispers) Mabel, shhhh
Mabel: Sorry

Dip: Grunkle stan..
Mabel: Please, we know you in there
Dip: Out parents are asking how we’ve been
Mabel: we’re going home soon, with or with out you
Dip: We’re right out here for you, just let us in
Mabel: Were taking the bus back home
Dip: cause the summers done
Both: We are gonna miss you-

Both: Do you wanna solve a mystery?

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